The LKN Experience

Episode 71: Capt. Gus Gustafson, Fishing with Gus, 09/22/21

September 27, 2021 A podcast that brings the people, businesses, local talent, and general heartbeat of Lake Norman to the community. Season 2 Episode 71
The LKN Experience
Episode 71: Capt. Gus Gustafson, Fishing with Gus, 09/22/21
Show Notes

In this episode, host Hanna Schoenrock chats with guest Gus Gustafson, otherwise known as Capt. Gus, owner of Fishing with Gus! Capt. Gus is such an entertaining and informative guest. He's lived on Lake Norman since before it was Lake Norman, and he's been fishing since before he can even remember. Capt. Gus is a fulltime professional Fishing Guide on beautiful Lake Norman, NC.

Capt. Gus talks about fishing with his brother and dad from the time he could walk, and he started catching fish when he was in high school and selling them at markets . He tells about coming from New York in 1960 to attend Western Carolina University. He hung out on the river and fished with friends, and they watched Lake Norman come to be. He worked for Sears for 30 years, and then decided he wanted to fish all the time and teach other people to fish. He's been a professional Fishing Guide for 30 years and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. He's having way too much fun!

You can book 1/2 day charters, full day charters, or trips that are just a few hours. People come who have never fished, and he teaches them the ropes. He knows where to find the fish, and he'll entertain you with stories whether the fish are biting or not. People book his fishing trips for birthday parties and other celebrations. There is no age minimum or maximum--he promises fun for everyone!

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