The LKN Experience

Episode 70: Bud Cesena, Lincoln County Commissioner, 09/14/21

September 14, 2021 A podcast that brings the people, businesses, local talent, and general heartbeat of Lake Norman to the community. Season 2 Episode 70
The LKN Experience
Episode 70: Bud Cesena, Lincoln County Commissioner, 09/14/21
Show Notes

In this episode, host Hanna Schoenrock chats with guest Bud Cesena, Lincoln County Commissioner. Bud, a Denver resident, has been in public service for his entire life. If you live in Lincoln County, this is an episode you do not want to miss.

Bud grew up in Mecklenburg County and worked as a police officer there for 28 years. He retired and became the Chief of Police for Mecklenburg County Schools. He moved to Denver in 2006. Bud has a heart for his community, and his priorities are Public Safety and Education. His wife Ann is also very involved in the community. In this episode, Bud also talks about his dog Barney, his kids, and his grandkids. He has a heart for his family and for his community.

If you've ever wondered about how the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners works or how the Planning Board makes decisions, tune in to this episode. Bud talks about local politics, real-time concerns--traffic and growth being at the top of the list--and how citizens of our community can make a difference.

He promised to sit down with me again for another episode to talk about other issues that concern Lincoln County residents, such as Incorporation. Bud's the kind of person you want representing where you live. His WHY: to make things happen, to help people (even if that means just showing up and listening), supporting First Responders, attending local events, and meeting people and hearing what they have to say. Thanks for your service, Bud! We appreciate you!

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