The LKN Experience

Episode 68: Derek Dunn, Owner of Complete RV, 08/31/2021

August 31, 2021 A podcast that brings the people, businesses, local talent, and general heartbeat of Lake Norman to the community. Season 2 Episode 68
The LKN Experience
Episode 68: Derek Dunn, Owner of Complete RV, 08/31/2021
Show Notes

Call all RVing enthusiasts! Episode 68 is what you've been waiting to hear! Host Hanna Schoenrock sat down with Derek Dunn to talk about his family's local business, Complete RV. In this episode, Derek, son of Kevin and Maria Dunn, talks about how Complete RV was started over 35 years ago and has remained local and in the family the entire time. Derek is a great storyteller--and not surprisingly, he loves all kinds of camping!

Derek tells the story of how his dad Kevin started in the business and eventually decided to open his own shop in Denver, NC.  In 1998, at the age of 15, Derek joined the family business, helping with repairs and maintenance. Derek's mom Maria brought her extensive knowledge and talent of interior design to Complete RV in 2011. As the business has expanded, offering partial and complete RV renovations to the service line has provided Complete RV with the opportunity to serve even more customers by partnering with them to create their dream RVs.

While Complete RV began with a focus on service and maintenance, the Dunn family has expanded the business model to include renovations, a fast-growing market and one that boomed during the Covid quarantine. People realized they could work and do school from anywhere, so they packed their bags, hopped in their RVs, and hit the road.

The crew at Complete RV stand ready with experience and love for what they do to service your RV, maintain it, or glam it up! You can check out all they offer at their website:

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