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Episode 61: Esther Alcamo of Esther and the Exiles, Part 1, July 12, 2021

July 12, 2021 A podcast that brings the people, businesses, local talent, and general heartbeat of Lake Norman to the community.
The LKN Experience
Episode 61: Esther Alcamo of Esther and the Exiles, Part 1, July 12, 2021
Show Notes

Our guest for Episode 61 is Esther Alcamo of Esther and the Exiles, a local band that plays around the Lake Norman area. Singer/songwriter/pianist Esther and host Hanna Schoenrock had a great conversation at the D9 Brewery in Cornelius--however, the brewers were doing their brew thing and the brewery sounds took over. This is Take 2! And we had such a great conversation that we decided to keep talking past the usual stopping spot and we've got TWO episodes!  We so appreciate D9 allowing us to use their space to record! Go check them out; they’ve got excellent brews!
 In this episode, Esther talks about growing up with a love of music. She and her sister sang and played together, she performed at church, she plays a variety of instruments (but mostly piano with the band), and she attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of the Arts, known as the "Fame" High School in New York City. She even admitted to having danced on tables in the lunchroom. She shared about her many influences--mostly amazingly talented women who sing and play piano--and she talked about some of the great concerts she's attended. She also talked about the band's sound and about their creative process.
 Esther, her husband Sal, and their friend Jon Strickland are the constant 3. The Alcamos met Jon when they moved from NY to Cornelius and their kids played together. You'll love hearing about the fantastic dynamic of a husband and wife plus a friend who create together, travel to gigs together, play together, and hang out as friends together. The band also works with drummers Elliott and Mike. They play mostly around the Lake Norman area, but you can also book them for private events.
 Check out this episode, and then go find Esther and the Exiles at one of the many cool venues they play at and listen to some awesome live, local music. And then...wait for it. Episode 2 will follow in a week! Enjoy!

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